The Holocaust
in Hungary

The Holocaust

“It was 19 March [1944]. I opened a window that overlooked the Danube and I don’t know how I knew, but I suddenly felt that the Germans were marching into Budapest.  And there they were marching along the lower embankment. I knew our troubles were beginning.” – Györgyike Haskó

The destruction of
Hungarian Jewry

A short history

From Hungary’s Golden Age to
the Holocaust


Five Hungarian Jews
and the deportations

Excerpts from Centropa’s interviews

Personal stories and eyewitness accounts
from 1944


The wedding of Erzsi and Alfred Spatz, 1935

A family wedding: then the Holocaust

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the fate of the 23 people in this picture
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Two films
on Jews from Hungary

From Centropa’s film library

A short introduction to Hungarian Jewry, in
Hungarian with English subtitles


The Mayor Who worked in Hell:

a Centropa film

Miksa Domonkos was a hero of the
First World War, acted as de facto
Mayor of the Budapest Ghetto in the
Second World War and was arrested by
the Communists afterwards.


About Centropa

An Interactive Database of Jewish Memory

The first oral history project that combines old family pictures with the stories that go with them, Centropa interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews living in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the Sephardic communities of Greece, Turkey and the Balkans.

With a database of 22,000 digitized images, we are bringing Jewish history to life in ways never done before.